What Is the Dictionary Definition of Overthrow

Siyes wanted a man who would overthrow the directory and establish a dictatorship: Barras flirted with the Bourbons. As for the one who kills you in cold blood, this thought comes from your excitement at the moment and your sorrow for your fall. “Overthrow.” dictionary Merriam-Webster.com, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/overthrow. Retrieved 14 January 2022. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “reversal.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Rocket teamed up with the Incredible Hulk to overthrow Judson Jakes, a sneaky mole. Because they are now recognized as a party that encouraged the overthrow of our constitutional government. Lebanese Hezbollah, for example, is fully committed to the vision of the Islamic Republic, accepts its absolute authority over the Shiite world, and is dedicated to overthrowing its enemies in the West and Israel. You can also use Overthrow as the name. You may plan to overturn the parking ticket authority so you don`t have to pay your tickets. There are also more literal uses of the word.

In baseball, soccer, and other games that involve throwing a ball, you jump when you throw the ball past the person you`re aiming for. You can say “the pitcher threw the ball to the first base player” or “the pitcher threw the first base player”. This is because revolution means “a complete overthrow or replacement of an established system.” The distances were like nothing to him; and the difficulties inspired him only to give his opponents another signal of reversal. When an enemy of his kingdom appears, vows must be made to resist his influence and overthrow him. When you throw away a leader or regime, you throw them away, usually by force. If you are a rebel, you can plan to overthrow the current government and install a new regime. In general, seditious language is a language that advocates the overthrow of government. Inflammatory language is generally understood as speech advocating the overthrow of the government, and 54 different SDPD agents have issued at least 82 tickets for it since 2013.

They approved the catastrophic coup for which we still pay a high and clear price every day. Not a year went by without his name being associated with a plot to overthrow the First Consul. Raila Odinga rejected Kenyatta`s claims that he was trying to overthrow the government. See the full definition of coup in the dictionary of English language learners So, where are we going with all this screen money, and is it really likely that it will topple our economic infrastructure in the foreseeable future? Conquering, defeating, defeating, subjugating, reducing, overcoming, overthrowing means gaining the upper hand through violence or strategy. To conquer means to take control. Caesar defeated Gaul defeated superiority implied an overwhelming crush. Defeat and end the enemy Defeat in time of war does not imply the finality or completeness of the victory which it assimilates otherwise. the Confederates defeated the Union forces at Manassa Subjugation implies defeat and oppression.

Reducing oppressed indigenous tribes after years of struggle involves a compulsion to surrender or surrender. The city was reduced after a month-long siege, indicating that they are gaining the upper hand with difficulty or after a hard fight. Overcoming a multitude of bureaucratic obstacles Overcoming focuses on dismantling or destroying existing power. Brutal overthrow of the old regime Why should the CIA work to overthrow the Ukrainian government? Nglish: Coup translation for Spanish speakers. .

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