Work-In-Kind Agreement Meaning

A person who has entered into a WIK agreement to discharge a liability of the CMIU is deemed to have paid the Commissioner an amount equal to the agreed value of what was provided in whole or in part. A substantive agreement (WIK agreement) is an agreement between a person who is required to pay the Infrastructure Contribution for Growth Areas (GAIC) and the Minister of Planning. Under a WIK agreement, the responsible person agrees to provide land and/or works (construction of public infrastructure) instead of a cash payment to meet his or her GAIC liability, in whole or in part. While “trade” does not include activities approved under the WIK Agreement, it does include entering into a sale, transaction or agreement, or obtaining or granting leases, licenses or permits in respect of the land or the continuous improvement of the land. I represent growing technology and emerging companies at all stages of growth, from start-ups to mature companies. My practice includes corporate and securities law issues, corporate governance, venture capital financing and business transactions, including software and technology licensing agreements, as well as strategic alliances. I regularly advise on a range of business and legal issues, including business modeling and go-to-market strategies. If a person has entered into a WIK agreement and fails to perform that agreement or any period thereof by the due date and GAIC`s liability has been deferred or is subject to a instalment payment agreement, any GAIC liability becomes immediately due. Developers/applicants may submit a WIK proposal which will be evaluated in accordance with our WIK policy. WIK`s proposals will be forwarded to our Finance Committee for review in accordance with section 7.11.

The proposal must relate to work (or part-time work) listed in our contribution plans under section 7.11. We have developed a WIK agreement template to accelerate this process. This model should be used for WIK arrangements. Despite the delay, the person remains liable under the WIK Agreement for the performance of his obligations under the contract. WIK applications must be submitted to the Victorian Planning Authority, which can further assist you with your application. You can also find model WIK agreements and WIK guidelines on the Victorian Planning Authority website and on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) website. The parties to a WIK agreement include the responsible person, the Minister of Planning, and they may also include other parties such as other government ministers and the landowner. Abraham`s practice focuses on advising emerging group companies on technology and other business agreements, as well as supporting equity financing (particularly venture capital). A WIK agreement may contain a provision that restricts a person who has entered into the agreement from any relationship with the following persons, unless there is the consent of the Minister of Planning. A person who has entered into a WIK agreement to discharge a GAIC responsibility must notify the Victorian Planning Authority in writing about: The Victorian Planning Authority must then determine the following: General Procedure for Guide to Work in Kind (PDF, 10MB) The land or work must be located in a growth area and be of a type that can be funded by the Growth Areas Public Transport Fund or the Building New Communities Fund.

A condition set out in Article 7.11 may be fulfilled “in kind” by a benefit in kind (WIK) between the applicant and the Council. A WIK agreement cannot provide for the allocation of land to meet a condition under Article 7.11. Jeff Colerick has been practicing law for over 30 years and has dedicated his professional career to intelligent representation and personal care of clients. His experience as a lawyer with complex issues has led to a long history of success. Jeff has built a practice based on a deep understanding of real estate assets and the company`s operations. He combines his knowledge of the industry with a practical and collaborative approach to problem solving. Jeff`s client relationships are strong because they are based on mutual respect. Jeff speaks the language of real estate and understands that it is a vehicle to implement your business strategy. Jeff provides practical, responsive and strategic advice regarding the acquisition, construction, leasing and sale of a variety of property types, including office, retail, medical, industrial, industrial flexible spaces, mixed-use condominiums, apartment buildings and hospitality. As head of Goodspeed Merrill`s real estate practice group, Jeff represents clients in commercial and residential transactions, purchases and sales, land acquisition and development, real estate investments and financing, financing privileges and security interests, and commercial leasing and lease maintenance, including assistance and advice on the execution of leases.

The firm represents clients in areas related to construction, loans, developers, contractors and subcontractors, cell site leasing, real estate and border disputes, Community law of common interest, condominiums and planned communities. To legally enforce a condition of Article 7.11, we must be satisfied that the proposed development will create or is likely to create demand for new public facilities. There is a compelling requirement that contributions under a condition under section 7.11 are reasonable. Note that leads to an international Wikipedia portal page, but other URLs that begin with this prefix redirect to the English Wikipedia. English Wikipedia URLs begin This address will be redirected to the main page only. WIK proposals should be addressed to the Director General. If you have any questions, please contact our Asset Management Engineer (Section 7.11) Siva Karthigesh or our Developer Contributions Manager Dennis Bagnall on 02 9839 6000. Different types of error messages can appear when an invalid URL or a URL that you do not have access to is sent. In other cases, the URL may redirect to a valid URL (e.B.

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